The South Alabama Veterans Council is dead center in a remarkably active military and Veterans community in South Alabama. Taking in several counties the Council is performing, supporting or influencing several projects at any given time. The SAVC is organized, has officers, a treasury, committees, a newsletter circulating to well over 100 organizations and Veterans, a website and holds regular meeting/forums.

These meetings are informational, with agendas including speakers, action planning and reports on current activities, veteran and military affairs and events. The SAVC has members on the state Veterans affairs board and many boards and in the leadership of posts and organizations.

Among the accomplishments of SAVC members are the Veterans cemetery, the honor flights, the Tunnel to Tower Run, Memorial Day ceremonies, Armed Forces Day programs, Veterans Day parades and events, Navy ship visits, commissionings and christenings, Flags of Glory and other flag exhibits, flags in schools, military honors, colors, rifle salutes at ceremonies and military funerals (over 200 in 2011), military reunions, patriotic holiday celebrations and many other military and veteran events. The SAVC coordinates with and supports many other military and Veterans organizations, posts and associations in their activities.

Although not a bank or charity, the SAVC works in a "pass the hat' mode in support of events and programs with volunteers, in kind services and funding support. The SAVC is able to target and support the most deserving and innovative projects. The SAVC does not have a fundraising operation but enjoys a growing level of proceeds of many programs and contributions with which to support Veterans activities and programs such as the Veterans Stand Down for homeless Veterans. The South Alabama Veterans Council has developed over the years into a major force in the patriotic affairs of South Alabama

This monograph is submitted in response to requests for information by citizens and organizations interested in supporting the mission and activities of the Council with services, participation and funding, all of which are sincerely welcomed by the Council. The Council is sponsored by the Military Officers Association Of America, a 501-c non-profit organization. (ein is available on request).


Capt. Hal Pierce, (USN Ret)