The South Alabama Veterans Council has succeeded in bringing together representatives from many of the Veterans groups in Southwest Alabama in a forum that has allowed ideas, plans, and concerns to be shared and discussed. It is an informal organization of Veterans and members of the community that are interested in the issues that concern Veterans and their families. 

Most Veterans groups are actively addressing these needs. They have projects and programs that are on-going but also have ad hoc programs to meet a specific goal or address an immediate problem or opportunity.

Prior to the formation of the SAVC, there was very little in the way of communication or coordination between organizations because there was no avenue to do so. The regularly scheduled meetings of the Council have served to fill that gap.

The Council meets every third Tuesday of each month at the Saucy Q's BBQ Restaurant on Government St. starting at 8:30 AM. Usually a guest speaker is featured making the meetings interesting and informative. Often times a member or guest is spotlighted for an achievement that either furthers the cause of Veterans or is a significant contribution to the betterment of society. The meetings are well structured to make good use of the time yet informal enough to be enjoyable. Certainly the food available at the venue is a plus.

Whether you are a veteran or not, if you are interested in joining or just want to see what it's about, you are very welcome to do so. There are no dues or formal registration requirements.  You simply need to have a passion for veterans and our military and what they mean to America and those desiring freedom around the world.   

If you are in fact a veteran and are not a member of one the numerous veteran organizations in our area, we encourage you to consider joining one.  It doesn't matter if you're a retired military officer or a one tour domestic non-com, with the choices available, there is bound to be one that is right for you.  Not only will you benefit from a healthy camaraderie, you will have the opportunity continue to serve your local community because most of the organizations do much more than just focus on veterans, especially when it comes to family.  If you need help finding a place, just let us know and we give all the help you need.

Lou Lartigue,
Council President

Bill Atkeison,
Council Newsletter/

Tom Schwarz
Council Treasurer

Entrance to the Alabama State Veterans Cemetery
Update: Now OPEN!.

South Alabama has the privilege and honor to be the location of the first state Veterans cemetery in Alabama located on highway 225 in Baldwin County, just north of Spanish Fort.  The South Alabama Veterans Council is proud to be the lead organization helping to bring this effort to fruition.  For interment information and pre-registration, forms are available at the local VSO's.

Cemetery Contact Information:

Alabama State Veterans Memorial Cemetery at Spanish Fort
34904 Alabama Highway 225
Spanish Fort, AL 36577
Phone: (251) 625-1338
Fax: (251) 626-9204


"Arlington South" on Facebook
PTSD and other service related injuries not only impact the lives of the Veterans affected, more often than not, there are family members, friends, and co-workers that are faced with the disruption and the challenge these conditions bring with them.  These conditions, as undesirable as they are, are anything but unique, even though each instance is unique.  This simply means there are many victims experiencing very similar circumstances.  Some of those people have discovered means and techniques for addressing these conditions and the collateral damage associated with them.  Family Of a Vet is some of those people.  They may not have the final answer but they have an answer and that is they are a place to start.  If you or someone close to you is wounded and struggling with that wound, reach out.  You will not be left behind.

Homes For Our Troops
We now have some of the best medical response teams in and near combat zones that we ever had.  Troops that once had no chance of survival are being rescued and are surviving due to the outstanding talent and effort of the medical corps and the technology they are able to employ.  There is unfortunately a price to be paid for this chance of survival.  Often times the wounds received are disfiguring and debilitating making routine tasks difficult to impossible to perform.  Homes for Our Troops is an organization dedicated to addressing the needs of as many of these fine individuals as possible by providing homes that will accommodate their specific challenges. 

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